Vital Stim Therapy, NYC

It can come as a bit of shock to find out that you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with Dysphagia. If you are suffering from Dysphagia you are in difficulty of eating due to disruption in the swallowing process. Nutrients are essential for survival. They are obtained by swallowing the food or liquid. However, when the food or liquid enters the trachea (windpipe) instead of the esophagus, it results in a serious condition called Dysphagia, or disordered swallowing. Dysphagia is also known as a deglutition disorder.

Dysphagia can lead to a life-threatening infection in the lungs known as aspiration pneumonia. The disorder is a serious health issue since it often results in serious consequences, thereby, affecting quality of life. Not a shadow of doubt the disease needs proper attention and care. Several reasons have been assigned for its occurrence. Chief among them are stroke, brain injury and cancer, Parkinson's disease, and other neurological disorder.

According to the agency for health care agency for health care policy, each year more than 60 thousands people in the US lose their lives due to complications associated with swallowing disorders.

However don't lose heart. The onset of Dysphagia does not mean that the disorder brings only doom and disaster to all concerned. A relatively new therapy device called VitalStim Therapy comes to your rescue. The first proven treatment for Dysphagia, VitalStim is a patented therapy process and equipment system. VitalStim is the only non-invasive Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) therapy and equipment system to be cleared to market by the Food & Drug Administration in late 2002 for use on throat muscles in the treatment of the aforesaid disorder. In fact, the use of VitalStim Therapy has the potential of making a remarkable change in the lives of those suffering from Dysphagia by offering more credible treatment than other therapy methods.

It is very much to the point to underline the fact that at last a solution to the Dysphagia disorder has been found in the form of VitalStim. Consequently the therapy has found acceptance by the doctors in the US. VitalStim Therapy is being used by many clinics and hospitals in various cities of the country including New York.

VitalStim uses small electrical current to stimulate and contract the muscles responsible for swallowing. Effective for both sexes and all ages, VitalStim Therapy must be used by the health care professionals only after thorough clinical and instrumental examinations. In VitalStim therapy electrical current is used to stimulate the motor nerves in the throat. The electrodes which are placed on the anterior portion of the neck, is used to delver current. As a result muscles responsible for swallowing begin to contract. The repeated administration of the VitalStim therapy thus increases the quality of the swallowing function.

VitalStim therapy usually is of 60 minutes duration. The therapy is a non-invasive, pain free for the patient. Only a VitalStim-certified therapist, with at least three years' experience treating Dysphagia, can administer VitalStim Therapy which must be prescribed by a physician. While administering VitalStim therapy to the patients with cardiac demand pacemakers, the therapist must use caution.

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