Speech and language NYC

Human beings use speech and language to communicate or share their thoughts, ideas, and emotions. A language can be expressed by speech which is talking. They are so intimately related to each other that People tend to use the terms almost interchangeably. It is, however, important to distinguish among them.

Speech and language problems affect a significant portion of the US population. A variety of speech disorders including stuttering, stammering, dyspraxia, lisps, dysarthia, make verbal communication a difficult task. People, who have a speech and language disorder, have trouble with all forms of language that include both spoken and written. Generally these disorders occur in childhood, when a child is not able to produce age-appropriate written and verbal abilities.

However, there is no need to get disheartened. With proper diagnoses and treatments you can overcome various speech problems or at least alleviate to the point that you can make effective and fluent communication.

These speech language disorders are result of developmental delays, genetic or accidental. Speech and language difficulties are treated by speech-language experts. They help the sufferers gain fluency and efficiency in communications. People who suffer from speech and language disorders may attend speech therapy. But it should be kept in mind that a proper attention to these disorders at the earliest is an absolute must because this period is the most vital time in the process of development of human speech.

Today, speech and language disorders affect millions of people. Speech and language therapy offers a new hope for individuals with speech disorders. The speech therapy has been proven to benefit the affected persons by assessing speech and language problems (dysphasia) and helps them communicate, improve communication in everyday activities. The US Center for Disease and Control (www.cdc.gov) reports "1% of children in the U.S. have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)." Speech therapy is a general term for a process of treating speech, voice, and language disorders by talking about your assessing speech and language problems and related issues with a speech therapist, also known as Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs).

Usually a speech language therapy process takes a somewhat long time. So it is incumbent on the speech language pathologist to keep track of the progress of the sufferer. Apart from letting the family members know about the speech therapy activities and techniques, speech language pathologist should also record the changes seen in the process of treatment. The speech therapy activities and techniques can be used by the family members to ensure aid the speech development needs of the affected persons. Apart from some assessment methods, speech and language therapy involves various standardized tests. These are done to diagnose the causes of speech and language disorders and what their subsequent cure is.

In New York you can find many licensed speech therapists. Being the most populous city in the US, New York is home to a number of organizations and institutes imparting training programs in speech language therapy. Those desirous of making a career in speech therapy can enroll themselves in the training programs offered by these institutions in speech language therapy.

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