Memory Training NYC

Memory Training If you feel that you have a poor memory, don't get disheartened. There are a various steps one can take to enhance your memory and retrieval capacity.

Memory has always been considered mainly an immutable inherited trait. It was not so in distant past that those, who discredited the theory that a good or bad memory was biologically determined, were not taken seriously. It was the commonly held belief that our mental ability to reason quickly - commonly referred to as fluid intelligence - is innate and cannot be taught.

However, with the findings of modern research, it has been found that improvement of memory is possible through training. In short, a good memory is not a gift. Anyone can acquire it by training. That's where the techniques for memory training come into play.

There are experiments to prove that memory training really works. If your brain were computers, you would simply add a chip to upgrade your memory. However, this is not to be. In fact, enhancing human memory is a different ball game altogether.

As is the case with muscular strength, an individual's ability to remembering things improves when they work out their brain and nurture it with a wholesome diet and other healthy habits.

Memory therapy improves a person's mental abilities. According to recent findings memory training can stand in good stead for people with early-stage Alzheimer's disease (AD).

There are many centers of memory training in New York that provide evaluation, treatment, education and support to individuals suffering from memory impairment and caregivers.

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