Cognitive Therapy NYC

A mental technique, cognitive therapy teaches the affected persons to think positively. They are taught to break habitual ways of seeing things by enabling them to jettison irrational thinking. Since in this fast changing world, competition and success are being emphasized too much, negative thinking has taken hold of the people.

Cognitive Therapy is the most popular and widely researched form of all psychotherapies practiced in the US. This is so because is clinical evidence of its effectiveness and it can produce results relatively quickly. Many people are under the mistaken belief that Cognitive Therapy is a recent development in psychotherapy. Though Cognitive Therapy came into prominence in 1970s thanks to the efforts of Aaron Beck, who developed it as a structured psychotherapy for depression. Its central idea is derived from the ancient philosophy of the Stoics.

Currently, Cognitive Therapy is being used in the US as well as throughout the world for treating other disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder, stress disorder, eating disorder etc. the therapy has found to be effective for people of all ages, income levels, and educational backgrounds.

The crux of Cognitive Therapy is that our emotions and behaviors are intrinsically connected to our thoughts. It is not the external things such as situation, people or events that influence our behavior to that extent. The silver lining is that by substituting realistic thoughts for irrational ones, we can feel better by overcoming emotional problems such as anxiety, anger, depression, and self-esteem and relationship issues.

If anyone is facing emotional difficulty, Cognitive Therapy comes to their rescue by providing a structured approach. Apart from relieving symptoms, Cognitive Therapy helps the affected person acquire longer-term coping strategies. Cognitive therapy is psychotherapists to help the sufferers identify and understand how the cognitive distortions affect their lives. Cognitive therapy helps the symptomatic persons to change, so that these issues will not impact their lives. It helps you counter negative thoughts and take control of your moods.

A typical Cognitive Therapy session

Cognitive Therapy is a collaborative effort between therapist and symptomatic person that teaches the sufferer how to identify and control their negative thoughts. A typical Cognitive Therapy session starts with therapist and sufferer deciding such things as what to work on each session. The therapist encourages the patient to view cognitive therapy as a team work. However, Cognitive Therapy is not without its share of problems. Different problems arise with different patients. Sometimes even a highly trained therapist finds it difficult to establish a therapeutic alliance.

How can I find a cognitive therapist who can help me by using cognitive therapy (NYC) in New York?

There are many highly trained cognitive therapists in New York who offer various therapy schemes for the affected persons to deal with depression, stress or other anxiety related issues. Since cognitive therapy does not have any side-effects, it is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) as the first-line treatment for symptomatic patient. Another added advantage of Cognitive therapy is that it is brief. However, there is a need to produce more cognitive therapists to meet the demand.

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