Child Speech Therapy, NYC

In the US millions of children entering school suffer from speech and/or language disorders. It goes without saying that the very thought of child falling sick is a nightmarish experience for the parents. However, if your child is having low self esteem due to his communication disorders, don't lose heart. Speech therapy will come to the rescue of your child, enhancing both their cognitive and social development.

Speech therapy is the therapeutic treatment of speech, language or swallowing disorders that don't allow your children to articulate well. Speech therapy stands the children in good stead by helping them to speak in a correct way.

Causes for Speech and Language Delays

Various factors influence your child's speech and language development. Some of them are poor habits, learning delays and hearing loss.

Commonly referred to as speech therapist, a speech language pathologist is trained to work with children on a variety of disorders. Speech therapy generally takes place in a wide array of settings across the US. Most of the speech therapists in New York work in hospitals, schools, community health centers, residential homes and clients' home. Children who have difficulty reading, writing, speaking and, listening, can benefit from speech therapy.

Generally Speech therapy sessions lasts 30 to 60 minutes. During the initial sessions , the health professionals conduct tests may to diagnosis the type and severity of speech, language or swallowing problems. The therapist and the sufferer will also spend time in order to know each other. During following visits , the therapist employs a number of activities including sound or word repetition, rhymes, tongue twisters, board games, reading aloud, reading and comprehension activities, word or sentence scrambles.

What Can Parents Do?

Since it's frustrating for parents that their child is suffering from speech disorders. However, they is no need for them to feel helpless. They can significantly contribute to the recovery of their child by doing a number of activities like listening patiently as their kids communicate, encouraging their child's attempts at communication. They should allow their child to speak. Never be in a hurry to fill in missing words. They should praise their children's efforts to master new skills. It has been proven that the children of the supportive parents make rapid improvement in speech therapy.

A speech therapy session is led by trained, qualified speech and language therapists. In the US, all speech and language pathologists complete course designed for them and must register with the appropriate authority.

There are many organizations that exist to support children with speech and language difficulties and disorders in the US. You can also seek further information on speech-language therapy from these organizations. These organizations support the parents of kids with speech difficulties.

Since speech, language and swallowing disorders have the potential of causing frustration for both parents and children, speech therapy clearly stands out as an effective treatment. As soon as you come to know that your child may have communication disorders, you should immediately seek professional advice and help from speech therapist.

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