Autism Assessment

Broadly defined autism, 'autistic spectrum disorder' (ASD) is a condition that affects both children and adults. It affects a person's communication, behavior and social reciprocity. The behavioral problems are believed to be at least partially caused by the frustration associated with the inability to communicate, form relationship with others. About four times more common in males than in females, autism is a life-long brain disorder that affects several areas of development.

Originally identified in 1943, autism used to be a rare occurrence till a decade ago. But the rapid rise in its incidence is really an ominous portent for the future. Millions of people have been diagnosed as autistic in the US. It is usually diagnosed in the early childhood.

Diagnosis of Autism

It is still being investigated what actually causes autism. It is often diagnosed in children by a qualified child mental health expert. In most cases children are born with autism, but it's when they begin to communicate with others, that the disorder becomes a noticeable problem. There are several signs and symptoms associated with Autistic Disorder. This makes the prognosis of Autism a rather difficult task. Generally, a person is identified as autistic when they have difficulty communicating with people through the use of language.

Some main symptoms are inability to develop appropriate relationships, failure to carry a conversation, engagement in repetitive behaviors, activities and interests as well as rigid adherence to routines and rituals. There is also a strong possibility that some autistics may also experience hypersensitivity in their senses of taste, touch, smell and hearing.

Treatment for Autism

What is of utmost importance in the treatment of Autism is the timely intervention. Once the diagnosis has been made, the doctors, medical health experts and parents should discuss the future course of action. In a majority of cases, it is advisable that parents should be encouraged to take care of the children at home.

Each Autistic person's difficulties are different. Most treatment plans for children with Autism include structured, behaviorally-based programs that include giving clear instructions to the child prompting the autistic child to perform specific behaviors, praising and rewarding for performing those behaviors. In many cases speech therapy is also a viable option and sometimes it is also advisable to devise special education plans. Medication is only recommended when the autistic sufferer shows signs of self-injurious behaviors such as head banging.

Managing To Live With Autism

It can be devastating to many parents when they come to know that their children have autism. The reason is not far to seek. The loss of the future they had hoped for their child is indeed great. However everything is not lost. It is time for parents to motivate themselves to find effective help for raising their children with autism who need constant attention, support and patience, and treatment. Though children with Autism are not able to have effective communication or interaction with others, there is much that well-wishers of the sufferers can do that will enhance the chances of success of treatment for it.

Further Information on Autism

There are many organizations in NYC to offer further information on autism and communication. New York Families for Autistic Children Inc ( ) is one of them. If you are interested in Autism, speech therapy nyc, please contact Speech Language Pathologist for more information.

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