Aphasia Therapy in New York

The sufferers of aphasia find it difficult in using or understanding language whether in reading, writing or speaking. The condition is caused by damage to the communication areas of the brain. It has been seen that stroke is the most common cause of aphasia in the US. According to one estimate the National Aphasia Association, some 40 percent of people with stroke will experience some degree of aphasia. Today 1 in 250 persons in the United States--more than one million people have aphasia.

Aphasia is a condition that affects each individual differently. Head injuries, stroke, brain tumors, brain hemorrhage and other neurological conditions are the contributory factors to aphasia. Living with the isolating effects of aphasia can be a heartrending experience. Communicating that was once so natural and easy becomes an arduous task, denting one's confidence. Not only that, it also affects the people around the sufferer. So it is not difficult to appreciate the ripple effect that the disorder is going to produce.

Unfortunately, most of the aphasic persons do not get enough aphasia therapy so that full recovery can be realized. Studies show that the average aphasia's sufferer who stays at homes receives about 2 hours of speech therapy. However, not all are able to afford this type of treatment because it is expensive.

Since aphasia affects each individual differently, this also applies in the case of recovery from aphasia. In many cases, recovery can take years. It is advisable that one should go for Aphasia treatment as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment of aphasia begins, the better the chance of its success. However, there is a word of caution.No form of therapy should be chosen without first consulting a qualified medical professional.

Until now, there is no known cure for aphasia. It has been found that you may recover from aphasia without treatment, sometimes within days or even hours. However, the sufferer can experience progress with aphasia treatment.

There are several forms of treatment that are available for the different types of aphasia. However, all of them have not proved to be effective. Consequently, most forms of aphasia treatment are not always effective or are yet to be proved efficacious. However, based on their experience, most of the speech pathologists in NYC have the same opinion that aphasia therapy has proved successful in treating patients with the disorder.

With the technological advancements, it has now become somewhat easy for the aphasics to receive therapy they need. There is no dearth of practical resources that can stand you in good stead in facilitating aphasia therapy at home. An aphasic can use these resources in consultation with a speech therapist or independently.

Since video programs designed to deliver therapy are available these days, one can use television or computer to get infinite hours of therapy on video. You can find several aphasia programs throughout the New York City, each with its own approach to patient care and recovery.

It is never too late to start Aphasia therapy. The sufferer can achieve progress even years after the onset of symptoms. So it is advisable not to give up.

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